*NEW* 275G Emergency Water Storage Tanks Canada

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The BEST long term water solution available. Water has a 5 year shelf life*

275 Days Water Storage (based on one gallon per person per day)

The BEST in home long term water storage on the market. Designed to minimize water storage space and maximize water storage volume in a vertical cylinder. Engineered with seamless construction to safely handle up to 2750 lbs. of water for long term storage in a gravity fed system.

275 Gallon Super Tanker . . . $499.95**

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$ 499.95/ EA
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The NEW Units:

After many years of production, the SuperTanker product has just gone through a major change to improve, even more, its quality and design. We have just received our first hundred units of this new design which is slightly different from the older units.

The new units will now hold 275 Gallons of water as opposed to the 250 Gallons of the older model, but actually take up less floor space. They fit through a standard door opening even easier than the older style because of a slightly different footprint. The new tanks are 24x 40x 80 as opposed to the older tanks that were 28x 36x 81.

The quality of the bulkhead fittings has been improved as well as some of the design specifications like recessing the lid to protect it, etc. These units are still available in either the Natural (White) which is nice as you can see how much water you have left, or the Blue.

. 275 Days Water Storage (based on one gallon per person per day)

  • Takes up less floor space than two 55 gallon drums
  • Will hold the same volume as five 55 gallon drums.
  • Gravity fed: no need for an expensive syphon to dispense water
  • FDA & HPB approved food grade polyethylene.
  • NSF Approved & BPA Free.
  • Comes complete with spigot and high quality ball valve.
  • Designed to fit through any 25 doorway
  • 275 gal. (24 wide x 40 long x 80 tall)
  • Click here for more information and product video.
** Plus Landed Freight charge and Delivery
NOTE: Landed Freight Charge ($50.00) and Shipping/Delivery are extra. Please contact us for Shipping Rates or to arrange pick-up at our Owen Sound, Ontario warehouse.

Phone: 519-376-7729 or Contact us here.
Thank you for choosing to purchase the Super Tanker. This is a bulky item to ship and to maximize the cost savings to you, we purchase large quantities of Super Tankers and have them shipped to our warehouses. You have the option to arrange a pick up or we will find the best shipping rate from the closest warehouse to your location saving you, in some cases, up to hundreds of dollars in delivery costs. For customers outside of Ontario, we will ship direct from the closest distribution center to you at the best shipping rate available. You will be contacted to confirm the shipping costs once determined.

* with the addition of Aerobic Oxygen
(You'll need to add 8 oz to this tank)

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